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CAKE is a Swedish electric bike company born out of a passion for gravity sports, and on a mission to develop high-quality, sustainable performance products. CAKE realizes that the development of electric drivetrains will bring positive change to the future of motorbikes and that our customers appreciate this too.


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The lightweight electric off-road motorbike segment started with small, dedicated manufacturers assembling and customizing standard parts from the world of cycling and motorbikes. These hybrids, equipped with off-the-shelf motors, batteries and controllers have helped to define a new direction that changes the future of riding. The characteristics of an electric drivetrain, as opposed to a combustion engine, brings a number of exciting changes.

The weight aspect is one. A dramatic reduction in weight, compared to a regular combustion bike, enables snappy and lively rides. The electric drivetrain makes riding more accessible for everyone regardless of their physical condition and experience. Everyone can comfortably handle the bike. The fact that it’s almost completely silent boosts the riding experience and serves for the absolute presence and focus while out exploring. It also enhances the level of respect towards our surroundings and those sharing the space with us – whether they’re fellow hikers, wildlife or even your neighbors when riding around your backyard track.

Clean, electric energy has numerous advantages. The fact that there’s no pollution or fumes (see CAKEworks tab) and that you can charge your bike with renewable energy (or even with solar panels from CAKE) through the lifetime of the bike, is true evidence of sustainability. Since there are no fluids, grease, gasoline or oil, the bike doesn’t suck up dirt like a magnet, meaning it’s more like a bicycle.

Spending hours in the garage is history as maintenance is very limited. Compared to a combustion engine, there are very few moving parts and to take the level of simplicity further the drive train has a direct drive. The level of maintenance is marginal. Clean the bike, you might need to change a tire if you get a flat, make sure to service the brakes like on an MTB, check your suspension from time to time and just charge it, for more riding.

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